Jehuda “High” Sumual: Yawi Has Joined the AURA Fire Team

Jehuda "High" Sumual: Yawi Has Joined the AURA Fire Team

Jehuda “High” Sumual, who currently plays as a roamer for AURA Fire. He will switching roles and playing in the jungle for the upcoming season of the Malaysian Premier League in Indonesia. This move was made against them because VAN left for EVOS Glory the other day. First, let’s look at the exciting changes that are happening with AURA Fire’s team.

Jehuda “High” Sumual: Makeover for the middle lane: Syn takes the offer

Because no one else is available, Syn will have to take the important mid-lane spot. Facehugger has been hired as an analyst for AURA Fire as part of the redesign. They will be working with CL in this job. The coaching pair of SaintDeLucaz and Pahlevi has been the same since the start of the 12th season of the MPL Indonesia. This has provided security.

Jehuda “High” Sumual: Say hello to Yawi, who is the new face of AURA Fire.

AURA Fire said that Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera would be joining their team. In the past, Cabrera was a key player for ECHO. The fact that Yawi helped ECHO win the M4 World Championship is very important. When ECHO beat Blacklist International 4-0 in the title match, they proved that they were the best team.

Jehuda “High” Sumual: What Yawi Did: From Basketball to Video Games

In the years before he started playing e-sports, Yawi showed how good he was by playing college basketball. His journey in e-sports began with the sixth season of the MPL Philippines, where he won a title with ECHO. Notably, Yawi was able to win the M World Championship title before he won the MPL Philippines, which shows how good he is at digital warfare.

Is Yawi Strong Enough to Turn AURA’s Struggle Around?

AURA Esports had a rough season last year, with only 5 wins and 11 losses. They finished at the bottom of the standings in the MPL Indonesia Season 12 competition. Because of this loss, the club decided to bring in Yawi, a former world winner who was playing for ECHO, their sister team.

How influential is Yawi? Can he save the day?

AURA Fire wants to start over in the thirteenth season of the Malaysian Premier League in Indonesia now that Yawi has joined the team. Everyone on the team is asking if Yawi’s knowledge and skills can be the spark that turns their luck around. Everyone is thinking about this question. Fans of the AURA Fire are very excited about the next season and hope that the team’s return to form will be helped by the signing of Yawi.

In the fast-paced world of mobile legends, the next season should be interesting thanks to the strategic squad changes that AURA Fire has made. In the thirteenth season of the Malaysian Premier League in Indonesia. Yawi and the rebuilt team will start their NIAGASLOT race for gold. Remember to stay tuned.