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The World Without Us - a documentary with Niall Ferguson by Mitch Anderson and Jason J. Tomaric. The World Without Us now on DVD!
About Film Makers
Mitch Anderson
Producer, Writer, Director

Mitch, an electrical engineer by trade, retired from his entrepreneurial career in 2004 to pursue his passion for journalism, filmmaking and international affairs. After taking a number of classes in film making and cinematography, Mitch has associated with Jason Tomaric, an accomplished director, and started production of "The World Without US", his first film in the spring of 2005. Armed with a good knowledge of the international scene, Mitch has been responsible for development and planning of the international production and the story line.

Jason J. Tomaric
Co-Producer, Cinematographer, Director of dramatic re-enactments

Jason traveled the world leading the overseas production efforts, generating a wealth of beautiful shots of different countries as well as lighting and conducting the interviews.
    Jason is a 14-time Emmy, Telly and CINE Award-winning filmmaker. Jason has directed three feature films, numerous shorts, thirty commercials, music videos and an educational DVD series. He also authored the book, "The Power Filmmaking Kit" coming out in January, 2008 with Focal Press.

Jason Blum

It is known that the documentary is actually made in the Editing Room. Jason has brought to the project the objectivity of the eye that has not been on the field during production. With over 10 years of experience, Jason has been instrumental to the story line, to the flow of ideas and the proper pacing of the show. "
    Jason has worked on numerous documentaries for the Annenberg Foundation, he has also edited "Inside Motown" a glimpse into the inner workings of the most successful independent record company in history. He is currently editing the "Tori & Dean: Inn Love" series for the Oxygen Channel.

Christopher First

I always thought that every film is a musical. Regardless of the subject matter, the underscore makes the statements heartfelt and compelling. Christopher provided over 50 minutes of original underscore and additional music cues for The World Without US. The score infuses classic orchestral elements with contemporary styles to provide a musical backdrop for the film.
    Christopher is a composer/musician with over 20 years of experience. His composition credits include film, works for choir and orchestra and his own touring Christmas group that has received national attention and airplay.

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The World Without US - a documentary by Mitch Anderson and Jason J. Tomaric